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Luca-S Metal Stand, Rotating - Stands with Luca-S Stranded Cotton

Luca-S Metal Stand, Rotating - Stands with Luca-S Stranded Cotton

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Luca-S Metal Stand  - All Colors Numbers

  • Size: 1971 mm, 525 diameter 
  • Colour: White
  • Composition: Metal 
  • Contains: 514 colors Mouline Luca-S. Colors: from no.1 to no. 509, including White, Black, Gold, Silver, Pure Gold. 8 metres / 6 strands 

Luca-S company, proving a solid experience in its field of activity, has
expanded the product range by creating its own line of
embroidery thread under its brand name
Luca-S Stranded Cotton.
Our Embroidery Thread is ideal for cross stitch, but also
particularly versatile across all types of embroidery techniques and
fabrics. Luca-S Stranded Cotton is 100% mercerized
Egyptian cotton with six-strand divisible thread. Colors are washable
and fade resistant, easy to handle and stitch, available in 511 solid shades
with 3 extra metallic colors: silver, gold and pure gold. The threads are
distinguished by a unique softness, brilliant luster, and intense light
Luca-S Stranded Cotton is our distinctive feature, we have opted for
ecological dyeing with harmless substances, in order to assure that the
threads are resistant to washing and exposure to sunlight.
Hand wash or dry-clean.
If you are interested in purchasing our entire range of Luca-S Stranded
Cotton threads, we can provide you with a free stand to demonstrate
the entire assortment of our threads and a color chart for Luca-S
Stranded Cotton!
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