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Luca-S Mouline Organizer - OL-02 Organizer Box 2 Luca-S Mouline 520 colors

Luca-S Mouline Organizer - OL-02 Organizer Box 2 Luca-S Mouline 520 colors

EAN: 4840746083471
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  • Article: OL-02 
  • Name: Organizer Box 2 Luca-S Mouline
  • Colors: 520
  • Size: 36.5 x 32 x h18 cm
  • Composition: Wood 
  • Component: 2 generously sized drawers, 52 cardboard, 520 assorted colours of mouline. 

About this product

Luca-S Mouline Boxes are a fusion of sophistication and functionality, designed to be the perfect sanctuary for your embroidery floss collection. Crafted from solid hardwood, this exquisite box is not only a storage solution, but also a piece of art that adds charm to your creative space.

Compact square shape: measuring 36.5 x 32 x 18 cm, the Luca-S wooden box strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and compactness. It fits perfectly in your work area.

Premium wood construction: Luca-S wooden box is meticulously crafted from durable and sturdy wood, providing a secure home for your precious embroidery threads. The natural finish adds a touch of warmth and timeless elegance to your personal space.

Easily organize your threads in the 2 generously sized drawers. Each drawer is provided with special delineations to secure the colour cards, preventing any tangles or damage to your beloved threads and cards.

The drawers include 26 precision-laminated, eco-friendly pressed cardboards, measuring 31 x 35 x 8 cm.

Enjoy the splendour of a vast range of 520 assorted colours of mouline, including 509 colours from the Luca-S colour range, 6 melange colours and colours such as White, Black, Gold, Pure gold, Silver.

The embroidery threads are carefully unravelled on boards, each with 8 m of thread. Vibrant and rich shades offer multiple choices, stimulate creativity, ensure the quality of your embroidery projects.

Box drawers feature reliable vintage bronze metal handles, providing a convenient and stylish way to open and close them. Accessing your extensive thread collection will never be easier.

Opt for order and beauty with the Luca-S Mouline Box - where functionality meets aesthetics, and embroidery experiences bring your artistic visions to life with a touch of elegance and organization.

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